Baptism Classes

In January 2022, Aigburth Community Church held some Baptism classes on Zoom.

They were recorded and have now been made available for anyone who is interested in baptism, or getting baptised themselves.

There are 3 classes, each lasting around 30 minutes with questions for you to consider for yourself as you work your way through.


Class 1:
What Counts As Baptism?

Class 1: What Counts As A Baptism?

A friend dunks you in a swimming pool and says “Whey! Now you’re baptised!”. 

We begin our classes with this illustration… But is this a real baptism?… What counts as a baptism?

In Class 1 you’ll discover from the Bible that baptism is something that God has given to the church, and why this is so important. 

You’ll also see how baptism provides wonderful assurance to a believer who has been saved by Christ.

Class 2:
Are you born again?

Class 2: Are You Born Again?

What does it mean to be a Christian? How can we tell for sure?

In Class 2 you’ll discover from the Bible what it means to be ‘born again’, and have the opportunity to ask whether this is true for you?

You’ll also grow in your confidence that being a Christian is about what God has done, not what we have done.

Class 3:
Baptised Into the Church

Class 3: Baptised Into The Church

When a person get’s baptised, what comes next?

In Class 3 we learn how baptism grows God’s church.

You’ll also discover how being a Christian means belonging to a local church, and how baptism is the entry point for this.

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