Theology & Doxology

Theology is the study of God.

Doxology is living in a way that praises and adores God for who he is.

Some churches are very big on Theology, but you might not see this knowledge of God lived out among the people there…

Other churches might do loads of amazing, loving things (Doxology) but they aren’t doing it for who God actually is.

So how do you choose a church when moving to University?

What To Look For In A University Church…

Churches should be teaching a thorough, accurate, understanding of who God is from the Bible… this should also be seen in the lives of people: they praise, adore and worship God in the way that they live their lives.

Remember, no church is perfect… but the Apostles consistently call all types of churches back to this principle – Accurate theology must inform your doxology. 

This is what you want to look out for in a University Church!

Download The Helpsheet

Here is a free resource to help you choose your university church! 

Have a look at the helpsheet before you visit a church and think about what to look out for. 

Using the ticklist included you should be able to spot a healthy church, which faithfully teaches you about God, from the Bible (in a thorough and accurate way)… whilst also being able to see if this Bible teaching (theology) actually impacts the lives of believers (Doxology).

The sheet also includes other ways to help you prepare for finding a new church at University.

Keep praying, and entrust yourself to God! He knows you, and cares for you – more than anyone ever could!

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